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Mikuni marugoto navi (General guide for sightseeing in Mikuni)

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Let’s play in Mikuni!

Mikuni-cho, where dynamic and calm aspects as well as active leisure and healing facilities coexist harmoniously, is a town deeply related to the Japan Sea. Mikuni is a town by the sea where people of all ages from children to seniors can visit anytime and have fun to the full.

We have so many sightseeing resources and leisure spots that we can’t introduce them all in a short time.

Spring vacation when we can fully enjoy the nature of Echizen Kaga Quasi-National Park. Summer holidays when we can enjoy outdoor life at marine resorts close to the blue Sea of Japan.

An excursion in fall when we stroll around classical residential area tinted with sepia color in a relaxed manner.An introspective trip in winter visiting old district exploring a long history and cultural heritage of Mikuni.

Mikuni has different aspects from season to season. Every time you visit Mikuni, you will find something new that excites you. Please make your own plan to visit us.

If you trace a narrow alley you have difficulty finding in your map, you may see totally new aspect of this town you have never experienced before.

Useful information before you leave for Mikuni

Rental bicycle service

Complicated alleys of old district in Mikuni is so narrow that its width used to be compared even to “that of a kimono belt”. If you walk along one of these narrow alleys wondering where it will take you, you may find a totally new place you never expected to find. If, however, the first visitors to this town should drive along these alleys, they may suddenly come to a dead end or face one-way traffic sign, ending up breaking into a cold sweat.The trouble like this will be eliminated by our rental cycle service!You can rent a cycle at Mikuni minato machiyakan and Echizen Railway Mikuni Station.

Sample images of Rental cycle service

Rental cycle service

InquiryMikuni Kaisho 0776-82-8392
Charge300 yen (2 hours)
700 yen (one day)
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Rental cycle service at Echizen Railway Mikuni Station

InquiryEchizen Railway Customer Service Division
Chargeordinary type (100 yen every time)
Power assisted type (500 yen every time *This charge is applied only for the users of Echizen Railway.)
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Mikuni sightseeing marugoto navi (General guide for sightseeing in Mikuni)

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