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Sightseeing spotsnear Tojinbo

Sightseeing spots near Tojinbo

It is not only high cliffs of Tojinbo that form “natural beauty” of rocky shore which is said to be among the most beautiful rocky shores in the world. Around Tojinbo are various attractive tourist spots we can recommend such as Oshima Island, Echizen Matsushima, promenades by the sea, etc. I hope you will find what Tojinbo is like by combining these areas and natural objects surrounding it together. Then new discovery will be waiting to be made by you.

Six attractivespot we recommend around Tojinbo

  • Tojinbo


    Tojinbo is famous for strange-shaped rocks which are without a peer in Japan. If you come closer to the cliffs, you will be overwhelmed by their indescribable power. The attractive point of Tojinbo is the high cliffs which have long been praised as a scenic spot. Rugged rocks stretching for about one kilometer are made up of columnar joint of pyroxene andesite, a rock which is geologically rare and is said to be found only in three spots in the entire world, including Tojinbo. The view from the top of the cliffs which is as high as 25 meters (about the same height as the 8th or 9th floor of a building) is really spectacular. This area, including Oshima Island near Tojinbo, is designated as the natural monument of Japan. Near the cliffs spread many souvenir shops and restaurants. You can also go up Tojinbo Tower from which you can command as far as Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture on a clear day. You can find various ways to enjoy Tojinbo.

  • Oshima Island

    Oshima Island

    Oshima Island is located about 2 km north of Tojinbo which is about 2 kilometers around. This is the biggest island in Echizen coast and has been worshipped by the local people from ancient times as “an island of God”. Crossing the vermillion bridge leading to the island and going up the stone stairs, you will get to holy, old Ouminato Shrine with a long history where you will feel mysterious atmosphere. Walking along the promenade stretching about one kilometer around this island, you can enjoy different view from that of Tojinbo such as huge trees over one hundred years old and cliffs by the sea eroded by ocean waves, etc.

  • Echizen Matsushima

    Echizen Matsushima

    The beauty of Echizen Matsushima is not in the least inferior to that of Matsushima in Tohoku region. That’s why it is named “Echizen Matsushima” in Hokuriku region. Moving northeast from Tojinbo along the coastline, you will find a grand rocky area among quiet fishing villages. This rocky area is surrounded by small rocky islands. You can enjoy walking up one of these islands by crossing a stone bridge or you can explore ancient remains made in the cave of the cliff eroded by ocean waves. Echizen Matsushima gives you an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of coastal area with various strange-shaped rocks and caves by the sea. Echizen Matsushima Aquarium located right next to Echizen Matsushima is an unusual facility in that it makes use of a part of the geographical feature of Echizen Matsushima. You can also take a walk along the shore right behind this aquarium. In Echizen Matsushima, you can enjoy watching calm horizon in summer and dynamic raging waves in winter.

  • Ariso Promenade

    Ariso Promenade

    Ariso Promenade stretches for about 4 kilometers from Komegawaki to the point close to Oshima Island by way of Tojinbo. Along the promenade stand many slabs with a haiku cut on them composed by men of letters and poets, including haiku poets related to Mikuni. Walking along the promenade for about 100 meters from the starting point, you will find aliterature monument of Jun Takami, a renowned novelist born in Fukui. I wonder how he would be feeling about his own monument erected in his birthplace. Close to it stand slabs with haiku cut on it by Kyoshi Takahama, Hakusui Ito, and Aiko Morita, who is said to have been secretly in love with Kyoshi Takahama. Besides these are a haiku slab by Seishi Yamaguchi and a monument inscribed with a poem by Kazuo Noritake.

  • Tojinbo Tower

    Tojinbo Tower

    At the top of this tower, you can command Hakusan mountain range, Echizen Coast, Oshima Island which is called an island of mystery, Tojinbo, etc. You can actually feel that the earth is round!

    Business hours9:00 a.m.~to 5:00 p.m.
    Regular holidaysOpen every day of the year
    (Except on December 30 & 31, January 1)
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  • Sightseeing boats of Tojinbo

    Sightseeing boats of Tojinbo

    Tojinbo, where sightseeing boats leave to make cruising tour to watch strange-shaped rocks, is located in Mikuni-cho, Sakai City in the north of Fukui Prefecture. The mouth of the Kuzuryu River located near Tojinbo once prospered as the base of Kitamaebune, or cargo ships sailing along the Japan Sea in the Edo and Meiji Period carrying specialty goods of various regions. Now, Echizen Mikuni port is the base for shipping Echizen crabs which are famous all over Japan. Tojinbo have seafood restaurants where you can relish delicious kaisendon, or a big rice bowl topped with delicious seafood and sashimi. When you finish eating at a restaurant in Tojinbo, let’s take a walk to the high cliffs made of grand columnar joint and please do enjoy taking a sightseeing boat that offers you about 30 minutes of cruising tour that passes by 23 meters of high cliffs called “Ouike”, Lion Cliff, Candle Cliff, etc.

    Business hours9:00 a.m.~to 4:00 p.m.
    (From November to March: 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.)
    Passage fare1,500 yen (adults) / 750 yen (children)
    Group discount:10 % off for a group over 15 people
    Student discount:30% off for a group over 15 students
    Time requiredabout 30 minutes
    (course touring around Tojinbo and Oshima Island)
    Regular holidaysDecember 29 to January 31
    (subject to sailing cancellation due to bad marine condition)
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Sightseeing guide of Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture

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