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Mikuni marugoto navi (General guide for sightseeing in Mikuni)

Accommodation content

Let's stay at Mikuni

Mikuni-cho has a variety of lodging facilities with different features such as high-end traditional Japanese inns, Western-style hotels with a good reputation of sophisticated guest service, simple and easy minshuku, or private houses that run inns providing bed and meals, run by family members, and inns by the sea directly run by local fishermen, etc.

In choosing proper lodging facility regardless of your budget, all you hope is to avoid disappointment when you leave there. All of these lodging facilities in Mikuni welcome you as “an important member of their family” by entertaining you with delicious dishes they proudly serve you, excellent hot spring facility, wonderful view you can command from your room, and warm hospitality.

They will proudly serve you local food only Mikuni can offer you. Our lodging facilities also provide you with meal service, including after meal break at their facilities. So please enjoy higher-grade lunch and dinner service with additional relaxing time after meal at our lodging facilities.

Please feel free to ask us how to search suitable lodging facilities in Mikuni where you can stay easily like your own home or where business people who intend to make an extended stay are also welcomed.

Bathing atMikuni Hot Spring

When you get tired of your daily busy life that exhausts your mind and body, please do visit Mikuni Hot Spring where you can fully relax by soaking your body in hot bathtubs watching beautiful sea. When you relax in the bathtub watching beautiful sunset, we are sure your fatigue will be thoroughly washed away. Mikuni Hot Spring always welcomes you.

Mikuni sightseeing marugoto navi (General guide for sightseeing in Mikuni)

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