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Mikuni marugoto navi (General guide for sightseeing in Mikuni)

How to enjoy Mikuni Hot Spring

Mikuni Hot Spring is very close to the Japan Sea and blessed with natural environment where you can enjoy bathing in hot springs and absorb marine minerals at the same time. An important part in bathing in hot spring is to make your body warm to the core and make your blood circulation better and retain it. With this in mind, you can make your body even more beautiful and healthier.

  • Please ensure water intake before getting into a hot spring.

    Please ensure water intake at least about 15 minutes before you get into a hot spring. Enjoy hot spring after ensuring good blood circulation by drinking water in advance.

  • Pouring hot water on yourself before getting into a hot spring is a warming-up exercise.

    Pouring hot water on yourself is an important preparation for getting your skin and body accustomed to the contents of hot spring water. An important part is hot water you pour on yourself must be as hot as the hot spring water you are going to get into. First, draw hot water with a pail and then pour it plenty from your toes, the farthest part from your heart, and gradually to your shoulders so that your skin and body will get accustomed to hot water before you get into the hot spring bathtub.

  • Which hot spring bath should we get into first, indoor one or outdoor one?

    First, let's warm up your body for a while in the indoor hot spring and then get into the outdoor hot spring and spend time in a relaxed manner. Lastly, you get into the indoor hot spring and warm yourself again a little and finish bathing. When you enjoy setting sun while bathing in the outdoor hot spring, be careful not to bathe too long. Take care not to have a rush of blood to your head by having half body bathing or by resting occasionally for a while sitting at the rim of the bathtub.

  • How to enjoy hot springs without having dizziness caused by prolonged hot bath.

    Special contents contained in hot spring water do us good while bathing. However, they also give us different stimulation we usually do not experience. A good way we can recommend when you bathe in hot springs is bathing three times in total by limiting each bathing time. Once you start sweating on your forehead, finish bathing. This prevents you from having a rush of blood to your head and enables you to warm yourself to the core of your body. When you stay at an inn or a hotel, get into a hot spring after your arrival there for a short period of time and then bathe again for a longer period before dinner and lastly bathe again before going to bed. In this way, please get into a hot spring repeatedly resting a while after each bathing.

  • Please take a rest after bathing.

    About thirty minutes after bathing is an important period of time for adjusting your immune strength and keeping your skin beautiful. After bathing, please ensure water intake and take a rest by keeping your body warm. We recommend that you spend this period of time in a relaxed manner watching beautiful view of the sea from your room. Watching restless seawave and fluctuation of water surface quietly makes our brain relax and leads us to have a good night sleep.

Bits of knowledge about hot springs

Spring quality
of Mikuni Hot Spring

The first
hot spring source~Mikuni port and
Sunset Beach area~

Sodium spring, calcium spring, chloride spring and sulfate spring

Chloride spring keeps you warm for a long time to the core of your body. Sulfate spring moisturizes your skin gently.

The fourth
hot spring source~Oshima Island,
Matsushima and Hamaji area~

Sodium spring, calcium spring, chloride spring

The feature of the spring quality is relatively dense salt content. It has isotonicity and its density is close to human fluid. This gives us an effect of healing our body by warming our body to the core and promoting perspiration

Hot Spring~Naritasan and
old Mikuni port town area~

Alkaline simple hot spring

This hot spring has an effect of removing dirt and old keratin on skin surface and makes your skin smooth.

*When you visit various hot springs, we recommend the following order.

  • Adjust your skin condition at Tojinbo Hot Spring.
  • Adjust your skin condition at Tojinbo Hot Spring.
  • Finally moisturize your skin gently in the hot spring using the first hot spring.

Supervised by Hiroko Ishii, a researcher of beauty care and hot spring efficacy

Mikuni sightseeing marugoto navi (General guide for sightseeing in Mikuni)

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