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Mikuni marugoto navi (General guide for sightseeing in Mikuni)

  • 三国温泉からの眺め
  • 越前ガニ
  • 三国港
  • 三国の人々
  • 県内観光地
  • 三国温泉からの眺め
  • 越前ガニ
  • 三国港
  • 三国の人々
  • 県内観光地

The features of Mikuni Hot Spring


Mikuni Hot Spring makes your mind and body relax thoroughly with abundant hot spring water, beautiful sea rich in marine products and hot spring that gives you a heartwarming experience. Spring quality is smooth and mild. We guarantee that soaking in a hot spring watching the setting sun will remove your everyday fatigue.

Let's enjoy eating plenty of delicious products of the sea, breathe fresh air of abundant nature and relax in hot springs that refresh your mind and body.

Mikuni Hot Spring is always waiting for your visit.

Ms. Hiroko Ishii, please tell us the charm of Mikuni Hot Spring.

Let's ask Ms. Hiroko Ishii, a researcher of beauty care and hot spring efficacy and expert of travel, about the charm of Mikuni Hot Spring.

What are good points
of Mikuni Hot Spring?

The feature of Mikuni Hot Spring is many outdoor hot springs where you can enjoy beautiful setting sun while bathing. Since the atmosphere in outdoor hot springs is full of marine minerals, you can absorb them into your body while enjoying hot spring. Both your mind and body will be healed while bathing by the sea watching the sea, the sky and the clouds that change their colors constantly.

Can we become beautiful
in Mikuni Hot Spring?

Spring quality of Mikuni Hot Spring consists of sodium spring, calcium spring, and chloride spring. Salt content covers your skin like a veil and keeps your body warm and retains moisture of the skin surface, which is effective for poor blood circulation and for recovery from fatigue. After bathing, your body will be kept warm to the core, enabling you to have a good night sleep. Moreover, spring quality is slightly alkaline with isotonicity. That is, it has the density almost the same as that of body fluid. So, the hot spring water here is friendly to our skin and body, making us feel like bathing forever.

Mikuni sightseeing marugoto navi (General guide for sightseeing in Mikuni)

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